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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

And They Called Him Spek

I finally picked up my puppy at the electronics stor…er kennel. He’s from the Nintendogs Chihauhua & Friends cartridge. What? It was the only one left! OK, so I wanted a Chihauahu. What?! Oh I see, if I was raising a virtual puppy Rottweiler, that’d make me more of a man.

Anyway, his name is Spek (as in spek of dust). It turns out spek isn’t really a word after all, at least according to Google. Which I guess makes it appropriate since he’s not really a dog either. But we must lower our voices. ;)

In the first day I taught him to sit, lay down and do the dishes. Kidding about the dishes – I wish! I was trying to force a roll-over trick, but he promptly flipped me the paw (which I DIDN’T teach him), and said he was done for the day learning. Go figure. A sassy game. You’ll just have to wait for a photo (if I can EVER get him to stop licking his hindquarters).


At 7:42 PM, Blogger seawallrunner said...

what?!? no photo???

I've longed for an AIBO for so long... but their prices are not dropping.

But then, if I see your Nintendog, I might just get that SONYdog I've been pining for.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Paper Gem said...

Spek is so cute! I picked him up on my DS, due to the wireless "Bark mode," and Spek played with my golden retriever puppy, Cuddles (um, my wife named her, uh, yeah).

They got along very well, almost too well at one point -- a water hose had to be brought into play. All right, I'm kidding, but it was fun to try out an aspect of Nintendogs that I hadn't yet seen.

I rented Nintendogs from Rogers Video, and although Cuddles is unbelievably adorable, I'm still not sure if I'll buy it. I guess the telling factor will be, after I return it, how much jealousy and longing I feel when I hear the various comments from Blankartist about Spek's latest "oh, you've just got to see this" trick.


At 12:58 AM, Anonymous vlbritten95 said...

You make me wan to hurt you no picture. So,how does he look like I better get the picture. AIGHT,AIGHT!!


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